For Jason Davis, owner of Tribe Guam, fitness is better when it’s fun.

“If you don’t enjoy it, you’re not gonna stick to it for as long you need it,” said the lifelong health advocate who started Tribe, an outdoor fitness group four years ago.

You may have seen his group, prior to the pandemic, rocking through Tumon. Various fitness abilities, they were the group climbing the hillside, doing steps at the Pale San Vitores Statue – usually laughing. At fitness events, they’re the loudest cheerleaders, pushing their fellow Tribe mates to do their best.

The group embodies the Tribe philosophy of having fun and working with a community toward one goal.

That vibe and positivity is important to having a good workout, Davis says, stressing the importance of enjoying what you do.

“You have to enjoy it,” he said. “If you do the same thing every day, you’re going to get bored.”

Hybrid workouts

A fan of hybrid workouts, his exercises may be a little unorthodox to some people. Check out his videos – the hydro workout for beginners is something that can be done when you’re stuck at home. For the more advanced, you might enjoy his tutorials on the ropes.

But, that variety is what makes it effective, Davis said. Changing up the routine and utilizing what already exists keeps the interest level high, especially for a group of diverse fitness abilities.

“One day, we are pulling a truck … One workout we are in the water,” he said. Or it might be a hard arm day with the battle ropes or a killer leg day with the ladders.

“It’s unorthodox and we are everywhere,” he said.

So what are hybrid workouts? For Davis, it’s a matter of combining exercises to make them more effective.

“You switch it up and get more out of it,” he said.

For example, he said, you can change up the dynamics of a normal push up by throwing in some shoulder taps. There are some insane videos on his FB page that don’t seem like they’re for the average person.

That’s not true, Davis says, fitness is for everyone, adding he always tailors his workouts to an individual fitness level. For example, a regular lunge for an advanced person might include a jump. For a person just starting out, however, it might be a lunge pulse.

“For beginners, you want to lessen the impact,” he said, adding the goal is to get people moving and committing to a life of better health, not scaring them off.

“When I’m creating plans for my clients – I start at their level … I gotta see what they’re able to do,” he said. “I work around injuries and understand their abilities.”

He starts off with the basics – squats, planks, push ups and burpees.

“From there, we switch it up and vary to make the workouts to make them more interesting, fun and enjoyable,” he said.

Reaching the masses

For Davis, it’s about getting more people involved.

He normally works with larger groups, he said, in order to keep his costs down.

Personal fitness trainers can be costly, but it was important that he help as many people as possible. To accomplish that, he holds larger groups – depending on what’s allowed during PCOR – keeping costs to roughly $10 or a little more per session.

With the island in PCOR1, he’s limited his sessions to Zoom, getting his clients online to keep the Tribe together. When the outdoor groups get the approval to start again, Davis said there are measures in place depending on what’s allowed.

Through social media, Davis said he’s focused on demonstrating workouts people can do around the house.

Sticking with it

Fun is key, Davis said, adding the effectiveness and the overall health benefits come when people are consistent.

The inconsistency is why people don’t often get the results they want.

“Get your family involved, find a friend … find someone to commit to the fitness journey with you, then you’ll be more likely to stick with it, he said. “Fitness is about consistency.”

It’s not uncommon for people to grind hard the first part of the journey and start lagging when the soreness kicks in or the workouts get boring, he said.

A community, like Tribe, or a solid workout partner will keep you on your journey.

Another reason people lag is the workout itself, he said.

“Workouts don’t have to super hard and super intense every single time,” he said.

A good 30 minutes three times a week is perfect for beginners.

Don’t be too hard on yourself, he said.

Enjoy the journey and find a Tribe to call your own.

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