Top 3 Drills for Learning How to Handstand – What You Must Practice

There are dancers, athletes, gymnasts, and commoners who want to learn the handstand because it is a part of their training, workout, or usual routine, so they need to find ways to perfect it. However, learning this takes some patience, too, since you have to be physically fit which means that you need to make sure that you have strong bones and muscles as well – essential factors to possess. Indeed, there are video various tutorials all over social media channels to teach you how to handstand exercises, though you really need to exert more effort when doing such drills alone.

Actually, a handstand is not that easy to master when starting at a later age because your body has to be somewhat flexible so it would be easier for younger generations to do this exercise but one’s determination and drive would be very helpful. At first, you may feel like your body is too firm for a handstand, but drills are the best ways to make your body get used to it, though this may take some time. Anyway, you need to set goals and regular practice is a must so that you can master the drills that aids in having a more flexible body.

At first, you may fall but make sure that you won’t hurt your body and won’t get fractures or injuries so you better prepare your falling area or do not rush to an exercise that may lead you to risk. You just need to set your mind to such activities and focus because failures may be troublesome, especially if you are going to break stuff after falling on it. I supposed you would allow someone to help you master the handstand drills but make sure that he is physically fit as well and has the knowledge of this kind of activity.

What’s a handstand?

Let’s say that this is a versatile technique that is usually done by skilled gymnasts which looks like a common part of a performance but requires time and patience to master – check out to read further. If you are looking at this, it seems so easy to stand on your hands with your body turned upside down but doing this stunt needs ample practice. You should have enough strength on your arms because you need to carry your weight then your trunk and legs must be straight.

When performing this, you have to learn how to perfect it, though it is difficult but close to perfection counts in competitions. Here, your hands would be lying flat on the floor and you have to spread your fingers for added sturdiness. The arms and back should be straight, too, with your pointed toes.

To perfect a handstand means creating a straight line and the time you need depends on your physical abilities. That’s why you should practice different drills to learn and improve your skill. Just make sure to consider your safety because it would be risky to learn in an inappropriate environment.

Swiss Ball – Pike Rolling

Learn pike rolling to help you practice the proper shoulder positioning as well as to aid in building up your strength. You can do this by using a Swiss ball where you have to plank in your shins over the Swiss ball as your starting position. From there, allow your back to roll forward until your shoulders.

You have to repeat this so that you can develop the firmness and toughness of the hands. As you practice, learn to slowly tighten the core and making your toes pointed. Do this often and take control of the ball so you can easily do the rolling back downwards.

Wall Walking

Don’t get intimidated as you walk on the wall because this will aid in boosting endurance. For a newbie, this may look risky, so you better use a soft surface – click this for more tips.

To do this drill, you have to start standing with your back on the wall and then, slowly bend to your front so that you can position your hands by laying them flat on the surface. When you are ready, you may start walking your feet on the wall going upwards but do this gradually and do not rush things to avoid falling, though you can always start again until you feel that your hands are strong enough. When your feet or toes have reached the top, then you have to master the horizontal position of your legs.

Make sure that you can maintain an angle at 90 degrees because you must step on the wall with flat feet. If you have mastered this position and confident enough, then you may start lifting your foot, leaving the wall. Do this with one foot first to be followed by the other one and continue practicing this until you make a straight line.

Shoulder Touching

Another drill that you may learn is the shoulder touch which is an ideal way to make your arms tougher. With this activity, you have to touch or tap your shoulder with your hand. At first, it would be great to leave the stronger side – left or right, because you will need this to carry your weight and as soon as the other one has fully established its strength, you may interchange.

With this, you still need to practice with the wall because touching the shoulder is quite difficult in the beginning. By the way, you don’t need to tap hard nor slap the shoulder because a soft touch will do. If this endangers you, then use a soft surface under your head and focus on your balancing to avoid falling.