Emilia Tallarico has been an advocate for massage therapy and how it helps people.

“I’ve always had a passion for it,” she said. “I would massage my dad, my kids . . . . my son is a soccer player, my daughter is a dancer. Ever since they were small, I would massage them, I’m a believer of that.”

A dream of the Spring Township woman was to open her own massage therapy studio, which she has accomplished. Inhale/Exhale Massage Therapy currently operates out of Tallarico’s house with a single table and she has plans to eventually to move the business to its own building.

“It’s my dream to open my own spa that’s separate from my home,” Tallarico said. “I’ve envisioned what I want it to look like. Upscale, but not too big. I want to be personable to everyone. I like one-on-one. People can’t just walk in, you need to make an appointment. “

Formerly a high school math teacher, Tallarico went back to school to get certified in massage therapy from Berks Technical Institute, then earned her state license. Education plays a big role, as Tallarico continues to take classes to remain licensed.

Before moving out to her own practice, she worked at Styles on the Avenue, Sinking Spring.

“I was hired before I graduated, and I was excited to get the opportunity, but I didn’t get too much business there,” Tallarico said. “It’s more of a salon. I always had plans to become my own boss because I’ve owned other businesses and I’m familiar with what it takes to run a business. I knew in the back of my head that it’s what I wanted to do.”

Besides Inhale/Exhale, Tallarico co-owns Kumon Math and Reading Center, Wyomissing, which she plans to leave when the franchise agreement runs out

“I only do that Tuesday and Thursday and it allows me free time to do massage therapy,” she said.

Some of the treatments available include Swedish, deep tissue, prenatal, infant and sports massages. A simple chair massage for a half hour begins at $30. Hot stone and reflexology is also available. Tallarico said she is also taking coronavirus precautions.

“I incorporate different things,” Tallarico said. “I’m not just a standard massage therapist. I’m more holistic and try to incorporate everything. Pretty much everyone who comes here is pretty happy and satisfied.”

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