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“I guess I was also thinking perhaps he wanted to see if the massage had changed my posture at all.”

The witness said he stood silently in front of Baltazar.

“He said he really enjoyed massaging my body and . . . I’m a sexy man,” he said.

“My response was I started grabbing my clothing, putting my clothes on, trying to get out of there.”

Under cross-examination by defence lawyer Jennifer Ruttan, the complainant denied Baltazar handed him a towel before asking him to stand up.

Ruttan suggested when Baltazar asked him to stand, the witness asked if he should put his clothing on.

“His response to you was, ‘it’s OK because you can use this towel,’ ” Ruttan said, adding Baltazar simply wanted to show the client some stretching techniques.

“No, he did not,” the man said. “There was no towel.”

The witness also said Baltazar offered to massage the inside of his mouth at the end of their previous session, an offer the customer refused.

Meanwhile, another complainant, the seventh to testify at the trial, said Baltazar commented on his physique.

“I was complimented that I worked out,” said the witness, later telling Justice Willie deWit the therapist put one hand on his private parts while massaging his inner thigh with his other.

Baltazar faces 16 charges of sexual assault involving clients at two separate sports therapy clinics.

His trial, set for four weeks, continues Friday.

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