There’s a pretty good chance you’ve heard of CBD products. These days, CBD is used to treat pain, seizures, and more. But while CBD oil and other products are often a great option, some alternatives, such as CBG products, are also worth a close look.

Just looking at the acronyms, CBD and CBG, the difference comes down to a few letters. Let’s take a look at these two substances, how they’re different, and why you should consider CBG oil.

First, CBG refers to Cannabigerol while CBD refers to Cannabidiol. Other cannabinoids, including CBD oil, are derived from Cannabigerolic acid. CBG is found only in small quantities in hemp plants, but younger plants are often more rich in CBG than older plants.

CBG binds to two cannabinoid receptors in the body, the CB1, and CB2. Like CBD oil, CBG oil does not have any psychotropic effects, so you don’t have to worry about getting high. Also like CBD oil, CBG oil may offer a variety of health benefits.

Some athletes have found that their performance increases while working out and playing sports. It seems that CBG oil may impact a neurotransmitter called anandamide, which may impact your appetite, motivation, sleep, pleasure, and pain.

By interacting with this neurotransmitter, it’s possible that CBG oil may reduce pain, inflammation, and other things that might hold your athletic performance back. Further, CBG oil may also help you recover more quickly.

While CBG does seem to offer a variety of health benefits, we’re still not sure of the full extent of these benefits. In fact, cannabinoids, in general, are still a topic of advanced research. There are over a hundred cannabinoids and so far we’ve only studied a few of them, such as CBD oil extensively. Quite possibly, we may find other health benefits as time goes on.