Make your workout count with this versatile fitness tracker (68% off)

Striiv Fusion Bio2 Fitness Watch

With gyms shutting and fitness options limited, motivation is more important than ever. A fitness tracker can help you meet your goals and track your progress. The Striiv Fusion Bio2 Fitness Watch has all the functionality you need, and it’s now just $24.99 on Tech Deals.

The Fusion Bio2 takes health tracking far beyond your step count by enabling you to log your diet, weight, and nutrition too. It just might be the perfect gadget to stop you from snacking. You can also keep track of thousands of heart rate measurements every single day. Whether you’re working out or sleeping, you can track all of it.

The days of a fitness watch getting by with just fitness features are gone as people rely on notifications. Whether it’s caller ID, Snapchat, or Instagram, the Fusion Bio2 delivers. It’s also very affordable, so if your kids have been eyeing

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