Your next trip to the dentist will be different

Your next trip to the dentist will look different. Waiting in your car until your appointment time is just one of the changes.”(Patients) are going to see a lot of changes,” said Dr. Tricia Halford, of Corinth Dental Care.It’s the first time in two months that Halford has looked at a row of pearly whites.”So we’re just making sure everything run smoothly, trying to identify any kinks in the system,” she said.Corinth Dental Care, like many other dental offices, will have their soft opening next week. Thursday was a trial run of sorts.”We have a lot of new procedures and protocols we’ve put in place,” Halford said.Employees will be wearing a lot more safety gear.”The staff will be wearing surgical caps, surgical gowns, shield respirators, anything we can do to limit their exposure and in turn limit our patients’ exposure,” Halford said.She said they have spent the eight weeks redoing … Read More