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I know this is different from other places but here paramedicine is a 4 year degree. There’s difference though that we can diagnose, have a wider scope of practice, and generally can do a lot more. I’m a 3rd year paramedicine student on clinicals – this was my preceptor had me lead.

Yesterday we were called out to a female patient who was close to unconscious on the floor. She only made incomprhensible sounds, no eye opening, could not follow commands, but did localize pain in some instances. Family reported she’d been complaining of intermittent headache for a month and had flu like symptoms. Medical history of brugadas syndrome also connective tissue disorders, she had an ICD + pacemaker.

Since she was on the floor, was in the position she was in, and hypotensive I was thinking trauma but I couldn’t find any sign of trauma. We applied a collar

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