The WearOS smartwatch for the masses

I have long been a lover of watches. I’m not a connoisseur, per se. I simply like a nice looking timepiece. I’ve owned some relatively expensive pieces from Bulova and the like but I’ve also enjoyed cheap, no-name watches I’ve found at overstock shops. Some of my favorite go-to watches cost little more than $100 but one niche I’ve never explored is the SmartWatch. So, when I took the dive and donned my first WearOS device, I came into the endeavor uninitiated to the world of Android’s watch OS. Apart from a handful of fitness trackers, I’ve never owned, let alone frequently used a smartwatch.

From a techie’s perspective, my naivety probably disqualifies me to do an in-depth review of any wearable. However, from a consumer’s standpoint, I think I’m the perfect test subject to try out a mid-range smartwatch that offers up a lot of features at a subjectively

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