How to Set Fitness Goals You’ll Actually Achieve, According to Top Trainers

Fitness goals are important on several counts. They hold us accountable, expand our definition of possible, and encourage us to push through temporary discomfort for longer-lasting change. But figuring out how to set fitness goals you’ll actually want to attain can be part art, part science.

Mark DiSalvo, NYC-based certified strength and conditioning specialist, explains it this way: A good fitness goal can be “your North Star when you have bad days,” he tells SELF. In other words, a goal, if thoughtful and well structured, can give you the extra incentive to keep going when motivation wanes, or when life otherwise gets in the way.

The problem is that during this time of year, it’s easy to get caught up in the rush of New Year’s resolutions and set goals that are too lofty, unsustainable, and otherwise unrealistic. We then fail to achieve them and feel worse about ourselves than

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Android Dentist Tale Set My Heart to Five Will Be Edgar Wright’s Next Movie

Hollywood has been brought to a standstill thanks to the ongoing circumstances concerning global public health, so new movie announcements are rather few and far between at the moment. However, this one should get movie fans excited, as Baby Driver and Hot Fuzz director Edgar Wright has now lined up his next project.

Entitled Set My Heart to Five, the upcoming movie will be based on the upcoming novel by Simon Stephenson. Wright will direct the film with Stephenson set to pen the screenplay, whilst Working Title and Focus Features will produce the project. This will mark the second adaptation of other material by Wright as a director, having previously brought the comic book series to the big screen with the brilliantly energetic Scott Pilgrim vs. the World back in 2010.

The novel is set to be published later this year, with both the book and movie adaptation set to

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