School of Medicine | Quinnipiac University

At the Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine, our commitment to teaching patient-centered medicine underpins all that we do, and it begins with our name. Frank H. Netter, MD was a physician and famed medical illustrator whose anatomy drawings became a staple of medical education because of their detail and sense of humanity. 

Our curriculum emphasizes early clinical exposure and is strengthened through our deep network of community hospitals and health care providers. You will experience a variety of clinical work placements that help you strengthen your emerging skills and determine where you see yourself practicing medicine during residency. Our program also includes a self-designed capstone project that you will work on throughout all four years of medical school, under the guidance of a mentor. 

The Netter school is a diverse community of exceptional students and faculty from many backgrounds who collaborate with and support one another. Our professors,

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