Tyson Foods partnering on pilot health clinic project

As part of efforts to boost the overall health and wellness of its workforce, Tyson Foods is partnering with Marathon Health to pilot seven health clinics near company production facilities. The clinics will give Tyson team members and their families easier access to high-quality health care and, in most cases, at no cost.

The clinics, which will be operated by Marathon Health, will provide primary and preventive care, including health screenings, lifestyle coaching and health education, as well as behavioral health counseling. They will also collaborate with plant community health providers, including primary care physicians and specialists, to ensure that appropriate care is delivered.

The pilot clinic project represents the expansion of the company’s We Care workplace safety program to include overall team member health and wellness. It is an addition to the company’s existing health services staff, which includes on-site occupational health nurses at most plant locations.

“We’re piloting

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Project Raphael brings improved health to disadvantaged populations

Credit: CC0 Public Domain

In 2009, the Israeli government unanimously selected Bar-Ilan University to open Israel’s 5th medical school and first in 34 years, in the northern Galilee city of Safed. The socioeconomic and health disparities of the north, and the need to enhance the physician workforce and health system to serve a diverse Arab and Jewish community contributed to this historic decision.

From the outset family medicine and population health have been key components of Bar-Ilan’s Azrieli Faculty of Medicine, with a mission to embrace the community, upgrade health care, and effect positive change in the region.

Project Raphael, a novel social incubator for improving health in disadvantaged regions, was the Faculty’s flagship community initiative, aiming to create academic-community partnerships to define and address the region’s most pressing health needs. Established by Prof. Mary Rudolf, a former head of the Faculty’s Department of Population Health, Raphael offers local community

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Project Home Dental Clinic Helps Philly Patients

Duck into the concourse under Suburban Station and you’ll find more than just the usual snack stalls and shops. A nonprofit dental clinic located within the underground network provides free or reduced cost healthcare to Medicaid or uninsured patients that walk in its doors. It’s just one of many services offered by Project HOME, a Philadelphia organization serving people experiencing homelessness.

“There aren’t a lot of private practices that accept Medicaid because the reimbursement isn’t really that high,” explains Janine Musheno Burkhardt, DMD, Project HOME’s dental director and recent Temple University 30 Under 30 honoree. “Because it might be hard for somebody to find a dentist where they can actually get in for treatment, they might go for years and years without ever seeing one.”

Insufficient dental care affects homelessness in more ways than one. Intense tooth pain can push people toward opioids or other substances, Dr. Burkhardt explains. Tooth

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