Popular East Bay pop-up restaurant Broke Ass Cooks shut down by health inspectors

Pandemic-born runaway hit Broke Ass Cooks just became yet another pop-up restaurant to be shut down by Alameda County health inspectors, according to its founders. The move indicates that the county is beginning to crack down on the growing number of food businesses operating in legal gray areas since the pandemic has started.

Founders Bilal Ali, Keone Koki and Hoang Le, who started the jerk chicken business in their shared West Oakland backyard without health department permits, said their landlord told them Wednesday that she had received a notice from Alameda County that they had to cease operations at the property. A spokesperson from the health department confirmed that it sent the notice of a violation of the California Retail Food Code for being an unpermitted food vendor after receiving a complaint about the business.

The friends and house mates from Broke Ass Cooks started the company after being laid

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Henry Ford plans to expand Detroit outpatient center; popular fitness center closes

A popular fitness center in the New Center area of Detroit will permanently close as part of Henry Ford Health System’s plans to expand health care services to the Henry Ford Medical Center-Second Avenue, officials said.

FitnessWorks, which has been managed by Midtown Health under Henry Ford ownership and closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, will not reopen. The 41,000-square-foot fitness center was located on the medical center’s first and second floors at the corner of 6525 Second Ave. and Milwaukee Avenue.

In a statement, Debra Siena, president of Midtown Health, said the company is looking to find a new home for the fitness center to serve its 2,400 members.

“We wish to thank Henry Ford Health System for entrusting in us for managing FitnessWorks and being their community partner,” Siena said.

FitnessWorks offered standard cardio-based workout equipment and weights, but also access to a lap pool and aquatic exercise programming

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Study examines the heart risks and benefits of today’s most popular fad diets

keto diet
Credit: CC0 Public Domain

In a review of existing scientific studies on trendy ketogenic and intermittent fasting diets, researchers at National Jewish Health concluded that these diets do seem to help people lose weight in the short-term, and modest evidence suggests they may contribute to cardiovascular health. However, these diets also allow consumption of foods that are known to increase cardiovascular risk and are unlikely to be as effective at preventing heart disease as well-established nutritional guidelines currently recommended by health experts.

“With diets like keto and intermittent fasting, social and popular media has been flooded with claims, promises and warnings that are at best unverified and at worst harmful to your health,” said Andrew Freeman, MD, director of cardiovascular prevention and wellness at National Jewish Health and co-author of the study. “Diets recommended by health experts, such as plant-based and Mediterranean diets, have been extensively studied for safety and

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Medical Cannabis Products are Popular in the Health and Wellness Sector

NEW YORK, Aug. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — After the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized production of industrial hemp, transforming it into a mainstream agricultural product, numerous categories of CBD products started to appear. Now, the growing awareness about the therapeutic benefits of cannabidiol has influenced people to buy such products, even at relatively high costs. As a result, mainstream retailers are now focusing on selling CBD-based products, as these have a higher profit margin. According to data provided by the Brightfield Group and published by Hemp Industry Daily, a survey of more than 5,000 CBD users in the U.S. reveals that 24% have used it to help quit smoking and quitters are often replacing cigarettes with either smokable hemp or vaping. And, 41% of quitters have entirely replaced tobacco with hemp CBD. MediPharm Labs Corp. (OTC: MEDIF) (TSX: LABS), Neptune Wellness Solutions Inc. (NASDAQ: NEPT) (TSX:

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Cure.fit, India’s Most Popular Health and Fitness App, Expands into United States

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Cure.fit, India’s most popular health and fitness app, today announced its expansion into the United States. In response to increased demand for its award-winning platform, the app is available effective immediately on iOS and Android.

Cure.fit is an integrative health app that includes all facets of a healthy lifestyle on one platform. It has holistic health offerings across physical fitness and workouts, healthy food and mental well-being. The app provides workout classes across multiple formats—dance, yoga, and strength, through the day, allowing users ample opportunities to choose the format at the time of their choice. Led by star trainers, Cure.fit tracks performance with its Energy Meter, allows users to compete with others in real-time, and offers weekly reports.

The platform’s proprietary Energy Meter helps users understand the

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Popular heartburn medicine being studied as treatment for coronavirus

Over the past few weeks researchers have been discreetly studying a new potential treatment for COVID-19 — and it might not be what you expect.

The treatment in question is called famotidine, and it’s the active ingredient in Pepcid, an over-the-counter medication commonly used to alleviate heartburn.

Since March 13, researchers at Northwell Health, a network of hospitals in New York, have been enrolling patients hospitalized with COVID-19 into their study of famotidine, which is being delivered through an IV in megadoses nine times greater than the typical over-the-counter dose. The drug is being given in combination with the much-touted antimalarial hydroxychloroquine.

Researchers said some data on safety will be available “in a few weeks,” but did not say when data will be available showing whether the drug combination is effective.

Dr. Kevin Tracey, CEO and president of the Feinsteins Institute for Medical Research at Northwell Health, says the study

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Popular Fitness – Free Exercises, Exercise Workouts, Fitness and Health Articles

Directory of Weight Training and Strength Training Exercises
using dumbbells, barbells,
weight training machines (plates and pulley) and body weight

Exercises By Specific Body Part:

Gym Closed due to COVID-19?
50+ Fitness Plans – Enter Here

Full Body Exercises, requiring more than 1 body part:

  • Pull-ups – chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, core
  • Deadlift exercise – 1 of the best when done with good form
  • Renegade dumbbell rows – back, arms, core and legs
  • Best ab exercise – bicycle crunch, ab crunch with leg extension
  • Glutes on LifeFitness Machine – primarily glutes as well as a full leg workout
  • Standing barbell biceps curl – biceps exercise with use of core and legs for stability and support
  • Obliques and abdominals – lose the love handles
  • Bent over or standing chest crossovers – chest, legs, glutes and core for balance and support
  • Abs with exercise ball
  • Squats and squat exercises variations


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