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Dental survey: Water fluoridation

This dental survey by The Wealthy Dentist certainly hit a nerve!

We asked dentists what we thought was a simple yes or no question:
Do you support water fluoridation
The question turned out to be … [Read More…]

Laser dentistry and practice profits

Investment in new technology such as dental lasers can be a tough dental management decision.

There are plenty of questions that need answers before making a purchase. For example, how big is the … [Read More…]

This survey found the average root canal fee is $740 for a front tooth and $1,000 for a molar, with three out of four dentists saying they perform posterior root canals.

“Root canals are the most … [Read More…]

Gender profiling is alive and well! Only 70% of dentists in this survey said they would hire a male hygienist if he were the most qualified candidate for the job. Twenty-three percent probably would

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