Federal agents responded to a home in Wayne Thursday morning. The house made news in 2019 for the sign in Arabic on its facade.

WAYNE — A physical therapist was indicted Thursday on allegations he defrauded Medicaid and Medicare programs in a series of fraud and kickback scams. The indictment came down swiftly after federal agents were seen raiding the doctor’s home earlier in the day.

The indictment alleges that Dr. Mahmoud Elsanaa, a physical therapist with practices across Brooklyn, and Olga Popovych, his office manager, submitted falsified medical records to the state and federal health insurance programs, seeking reimbursement for medical services that were “not medically necessary, not provided as billed and were procured by kickbacks.”

In some instances, services were provided, but patients had only received a massage, or practiced stretches that were not valid for reimbursement, according to the document.

Other records showed patients receiving