Their son died while visiting family and now there’s a lawsuit – subscriber – The State Journal-Register

A Sangamon County lawsuit alleges that owners of a Gardner Township property where a California teen died should have known of the dangers posed by an all-terrain vehicle hooked up to a rope swing by a pond.

The lawsuit also names as defendants the 14-year-old victim’s aunt and uncle, who he was visiting in Springfield, saying they should have known that young people would be unsupervised at the site.

Scanlan Derrick suffered head and neck trauma in a fall at the site on Aug. 18, said Sangamon County Coroner Jim Allmon. Derrick was airlifted to HSHS St. John’s Hospital after the accident, and died there Aug. 20, Allmon said.

His parents, Matt and Susan Derrick, filed the lawsuit Aug. 31 against Michael and Tracey Morley, owners of the property in the 6200 block of Old Salem Lane where the accident occurred; and against Dean and Nicole Derrick of Springfield, aunt

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Peter Andre jokes he’s got ‘small parts’ as he discovers a doll of himself made at height of his pop fame

PETER Andre jokes he’s got “small parts” after he discovered a doll of himself made at the height of his pop fame.

The Mysterious Girl singer, 47, laughed on Instagram after a nostalgia account shared the plastic figure of himself made during the 90s.

Peter laughed about the doll


Peter laughed about the dollCredit: Instagram

The doll shows Peter shirtless while wearing black trousers and his hair parted – just how he looks in the Mysterious Girl music video.

He captioned it: “Memories…” with a crying laughing emoji.

The next post shows the back of the box, which he has labelled: “Cringe alert”.

He then zooms in on the next post, where a line reads: “Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts.”

The back of the box


The back of the boxCredit: Instagram
He laughed about this line


He laughed about this lineCredit: Instagram

Peter captioned it: “Best line ever….”

The line has haunted Peter

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TikTok: Dentists say don’t shave your teeth with nail file


A dentist examines a person’s mouth.

Getty Images

Teens and young adults on TikTok are scraping their teeth away with nail files to achieve a perfectly aligned smile, and dentists are panicking over the new trend.

In videos posted on the social media app, some of which have thousands of views, likes and comments, TikTokers admit the idea is a bad one before completing what dentists call irreversible damage.

The trend involves shaving away the enamel — the outermost layer of teeth — to fix ridged edges, uneven “buck” teeth and other imperfections. But if too much filing is done, these TikTokers can reach the soft tissue that contains blood vessels and nerves resting under their teeth’s hard outer casing.

This, experts say, almost always means heightened sensitivity and pain.

“Teeth are made up of layers, if you destroy your enamel by filing down your teeth, you

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Listening to Your Kids

Are you really listening to your kids? And are they listening to you?

They say: “I was just holding these cigarettes for a friend.” You say: “YOU ARE GROUNDED FOR LIFE. DON’T YOU KNOW THAT SMOKING WILL KILL YOU!”

You say: “Don’t do drugs. Don’t drink alcohol. Don’t smoke.” Your child hears: blahblahblahblah

Is it possible to avoid these constant disputes and disconnects with your kids? Definitely, experts tell WebMD. You absolutely can talk so your kids will listen, and listen so your kids will talk.

But how do you crack the code of youth — without resorting to “LOL,” “BRB,” “TTYL,” or other irksome — but popular — kidisms? Here’s what the experts have to say about listening to your kids and getting them to listen to you.

Listen closely.

To start with, listening to your kids makes them more likely to listen

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Emerging Guardian Dentistry Partners Forging Partnerships Nationwide | News

MIAMI, Aug. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Guardian Dentistry Partners, an emerging Dental Partnership Network, today announced a further expansion of its growing number of partnerships across the country by adding North Carolina’s FRESHDental group to the family.

Already partnered with dental practices in four states, Guardian Dentistry Partners is a Dental Partnership Network that focuses its mission on support. With Guardian, dental practices and groups are preserving their special cultures while protecting their futures; Guardian functions as the practice’s partner not proprietor.

“From the moment we met them, it was inherently clear that Guardian understood our mission,” said Dr. Amit Gangliani, a Founding Partner of FRESHDental, which has seven locations throughout North Carolina. “They encourage us to continue running our business in the entrepreneurial spirit we’ve established. I’d compare Guardian to a good coach, guiding us but also standing behind us, giving us the autonomy, we need

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Dentist warns against the TikTok bleach teeth whitening trend

The new whitening trend on TikTok (Picture: @clauds244/TikTok)

One of the most recent TikTok beauty trends sees teens rubbing bleach straight on their teeth with a cotton bud, in an attempt to make them whiter.

In one such video, which has received more 15 million views, a teenager explains she buys hydrogen peroxide on its own, as it’s the main ingredient in whitening strips.

In the clip, she applies the hydrogen peroxide to her teeth with a cotton bud and explains that she stopped doing this after four days as the results were so ‘good’. 

Since the TikTok videos, it’s been reported there’s been a huge spike in sales for hydrogen peroxide.

Sorry, this video isn’t available any more.

However, a dentist has warned that this TikTok trend can cause serious damage to young people’s teeth.

Dr Kunal Patel of Love Teeth Dental Practice in Surrey tells ‘Applying hydrogen

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William Blount High School JROTC students flying solo | News

If Allie Garbacki spends part of her 16th birthday this week all by herself, that will be a good thing. She’ll be solo piloting a Cessna 152.

“It’s scary, but I’m really excited at the same time,” Allie said last week. “I feel like I’m ready.”

Even if that flight is delayed, the junior is expected soon to join two William Blount High School seniors who this month celebrated their first solo flights, and another senior in the Air Force Junior ROTC program is on her way.

Luke Andromalos was the 20th student from William Blount to solo through the FLIGHT (Flight Lesson Instructional Grants Helping Teens) Foundation, and Chris Chitwood the 21st.

Grants through the foundation paired with scholarships from the William Blount AFJROTC Boosters and a local chapter of the Disabled American Veterans make the program possible.

Typically the boosters provide one scholarship and the DAV one, but

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The Nigerian Youth; Half A Dozen And Six

What is logical in politics is not always practical, what is practical is not always right. What is right is not always ethical, what is ethical is not always desired and what is desired takes us back to what is not logical…

The Nigerian youth is a victim of power, property, prestige, popularity and pomposity…it is these ‘p’ factors that make it impossible for the Nigerian youth to do that which should be done, it is the illogical, the wrong that becomes ethical.

Let me start this way…One should keep one’s eyes on where one is going, not where one stumbled. (The best course of action is not to dwell on setbacks, but to resolutely face the future.)

But how can they look to where they are going…when only last week the Nigerian blueprint for 2050 was released, first by a dude that is in his 50s, and then with

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Dentist invents plastic shield that fits over birthday cakes so kids can still blow out the candles

‘Spread love, not germs!’ Dentist invents brilliant plastic shield that fits over birthday cakes – so kids can still blow out the candles and make a wish in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic

  • The Top It Cake Shield fits over cakes and has a place to hold candles, so kids can still blow them out on their birthdays 
  • It’s made in Florida from food-grade, FDA-approved recycled polystyrene
  • It retails for $4.99 to $14.99 and comes in three sizes, with shipments going out starting in early October
  • Dr. Billy Kay, a dentist from Boca Raton, had considered the bacteria blown on cakes for 30 years but did something about when the pandemic hit the US 
  • A study found that 1,400% more bacteria can be found on the outer icing of a cake that has been blown on compared to a cake that hasn’t been blown on
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How to Find the Right Dentist for Your Child | Patient Advice

Squirming toddlers, anxious parents and dental exams: When it comes to the choosing the right dentist for small children, you want a dental practice that’s comfortable caring for the youngest patients from the moment their baby teeth emerge.

Your child’s dentist will not only provide hands-on care but also educate you on how to prevent problems like tooth decay and maintain good oral health. If you’re looking for a children’s dentist office, here are some pointers:

“The first step is making sure your children start seeing a dentist as early as possible, at the recommended age of 1 year old, so we can help reduce the risk of tooth decay,” says Dr. Jonathan Shenkin, a pediatric dentist with Augusta Pediatric Dentistry in Maine, and a spokesperson with the American Dental Association.

Make Regular Dental Visits

Seeing a dentist every six months is standard advice. However, the right interval between dental

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