Women are having their breast implants removed after getting mysterious illness

  • Business Insider Weekly spoke to more than 200 women who believe their breast implants made them sick.
  • Their illness is not officially recognized, and is contentious within the plastic surgery community. Experts say it requires more research before conclusive diagnoses can be made.
  • We followed three women through their journeys with discovering and living with what they are certain is breast implant illness.
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More than 200 women told Business Insider Weekly they believe their breast implants made them sick with something called breast implant illness.

The condition is not officially recognized or diagnosed by the medical community, but it’s one that has sparked debate among doctors and patients over the last three decades. 

While the vast majority of plastic surgeons still put implants in, some have begun dedicating their medical practices toward their removal.

David Rankin is one of those doctors.

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$14 Million Funds 3D Printed Orthodontics

As a rule, no one likes getting braces; they’re uncomfortable, they take a lot of time in an orthodontist’s office, they’re a one-size-fits all solution that hasn’t changed in any meaningful way in decades. The advent of clear plastic aligners, such as those from Invisalign and SmileDirectClub, stood out as something of a smile-straightening renaissance. These devices are 100% personalized, easier to wear, look better, and are direct-to-consumer in many cases.

But aligners aren’t an all-encompassing solution. There’s much more to orthodontic treatment than simply straightening the teeth themselves, Dr. Alfred Griffin III explained to me recently. Additional considerations include the smile arc, the bite of the back teeth, and variations in individual anatomy in terms of jaw shape and size, lip position, and gums. Traditional bracket-based braces take all that into account with fully personalized treatment plans — but not, it turns out, with personalized equipment. “It makes zero

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Nutrisystem Launches Innovative Partner Plan to Encourage and Help Maintain Weight Loss

PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Nutrisystem®, a Tivity Health® brand, announced today the launch of its new Nutrisystem Partner Plan, a program designed to enable two people living in the same home to experience the benefits of losing weight together. Studies continue to show that dieting with a partner leads to greater success and helps people maintain their weight loss.

According to a recent JAMA study, individuals are more likely to lose five percent or more weight if their partner joins them. A five percent weight loss is considered clinically significant to reaping health benefits like reduced risks of developing diabetes, heart disease, and certain types of cancer. Evidence suggests that people tend to exhibit the health behaviors of those around them and that partners greatly influence that behavior, especially in relation to diet and exercise. For Nutrisystem customers, social support and accountability are two factors proven to facilitate

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the amateurs who post ‘no effort’ workout routines for toned abs, and the professionals who debunk them

a woman posing for a picture: YouTuber and social media starlet Chloe Ting. Brunei-born Ting, who now lives in Australia, has 14.1 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, where the #ChloeTingChallenge was born in 2019. Photo: Chloe Ting

YouTuber and social media starlet Chloe Ting. Brunei-born Ting, who now lives in Australia, has 14.1 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, where the #ChloeTingChallenge was born in 2019. Photo: Chloe Ting

Their YouTube videos promise peach-shaped rears in 35 days. On their Instagram pages, they flaunt their toned bodies and abdominal muscles, directing envious viewers to their latest workout video that shows how to achieve this physical definition.

Lest they be accused of overlooking their diets, they also talk about the daily meal plans that purportedly help them “get a flat belly and abs”.

The fitness world has a new face, and it is female and clad in expensive athleisure clothing. Boasting millions of subscribers and legions of fans, fitness influencers post slick workout videos on their social media feeds, replete with titles beloved by search engines and fitness acolytes alike. Workouts longer than 15 minutes are rare.


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Health Ministry issues Post COVID Management Protocol for holistic follow up care and well-being of all post- COVID recovering patients

India PIB

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

Posted On: 13 SEP 2020 2:40PM by PIB Delhi

Government of India is leading the COVID-19 response and management in the country in close coordination and collaboration with the State/UT governments. Several strategic and calibrated measures have been taken for the prevention, containment and management of COVID-19.

It has been observed that after acute COVID-19 illness, recovered patients may continue to report wide variety of signs and symptoms including fatigue, body ache, cough, sore throat, difficulty in breathing, etc. The recovery period is likely to be longer for patients who suffered from more severe form of the disease and those with pre-existing illness.

A holistic approach is required for follow up care and well-being of all post- COVID recovering patients. Heeding to this, the Union Health Ministry has issued a Post COVID Management Protocol. This provides an integrated holistic approach for managing

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Massage Therapy Salon Opens in Kenilworth

KENILWORTH, NJ – Liberty Belle’s, a massage therapy salon, opened its doors on August 19, 2020. The owner of the salon Liberty Martinez specializes in therapeutic massage and stretching. In her work, she incorporates a variety of advanced modalities that enhance the body’s natural restorative functioning including trigger point and neuromuscular therapy to treat aches, pains, and injures.

Martinez helps her clients get back on the path of wellness through massage therapy with the emphasis on deep relaxation and pain relief. “While Swedish massage is all about relaxing therapeutic massage is all about correcting, repairing, and healing things like chronic pain, sports injuries, and sore muscles. Over multiple sessions I can make incremental structural changes by manipulating soft tissues to loosen muscles and increase flexibility.”

Four years ago Martinez decided to enter the path to practice massage therapy. “I had just about finished raising my four children, my youngest is

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Nurses face licensing delays as Texas Board of Nursing processes high volume of applicants, calls

AUSTIN (Nexstar) — The Texas Board of Nursing said it’s ramping up its staff to process more applications as nurses face delays when trying to apply for their initial license, renewals and transfers.

“Whenever you call, it’s unreachable. Nobody picks up or anything,” nursing student Lhakpa Dolma Lama explained. She’s been applying for her license to take her first NCLEX exam with TBON since June.

“And I’ve emailed them like probably more than 10 times,” she said.

TBON Director of Operations Mark Majek said the board has received a spike in applications and a major increase in calls. He said the staff of eight working to answer those calls usually handles about 4,000 a month, but since May, those calls have nearly doubled.

“So that in itself has been a challenge for us,” Majek said.

He explained the board is usually able to hire extra staff during times of peak

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UAE prioritises health care and research after normalisation of relations with Israel

Abu Dhabi: The UAE is prioritising research in health care as one of the top areas of cooperation with Israel, and Emirati companies have been striking deals with top players in the Western Asian nation since the normalisation of relations.

Among one of the first ventures was a commercial agreement between Emirati firm, Apex National Invesment, and Israeli TeraGroup, with the aim of studying the novel coronavirus and COVID-19.

Another agreement signed between Group 42, an Abu Dhabi-based artificial intelligence and cloud computing firm that is sponsoring the UAE’s Phase III COVID-19 vaccine trials, and NanoScent, an Israeli firm specialising in scent reading technologies, will leverage non-invasive COVID-19 screening technologies for the UAE.

Medical tourism

While these agreements were signed in August, Israel’s health providers have said this month that they are also expecting an influx of medical patients from the UAE into their top hospitals. As reported in Israeli

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This PJ mosque has a play centre for autistic children of all faiths

a large building: The Kampung Tunku mosque in Petaling Jaya is a mosque with a difference. (Facebook pic)

© Provided by Free Malaysia Today
The Kampung Tunku mosque in Petaling Jaya is a mosque with a difference. (Facebook pic)

PETALING JAYA: From the outside, the Kampung Tunku mosque here looks like any other, a house of worship, a spiritual sanctuary for the local Muslim community.

But for the past two-and-a-half years, the mosque has been receiving a number of non-Muslim visitors, who have come not for religious purposes but to seek a haven for their children with autism.

Established in late 2017, the Kumpulan Anak Autisme Masjid (Kami) Playgroup provides a safe space for autistic children to indulge in activities like art, colouring and games that also involve parents and family members.

Speaking to FMT, the mosque’s administrator, Wan Huzaini Wan Hussin, says the Kami Playgroup caters to all members of society, regardless of race and religion.

“The most important thing is to fulfil the unique needs of

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International Air Travelers to Access Free COVID-19 Treatment at the Newly Accredited Reddington’s Armoured Shield Medical Centre

LAGOS, Nigeria, Sept. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — As part of its contribution towards eradicating the dreaded Corona virus pandemic in Nigeria, Reddington is offering free medical treatment to all international air travelers arriving in Nigeria at its newly commissioned Armoured Shield Medical Centre provided the PCR test is done at Reddington Zaine Laboratory, which is promoted by the Reddington Hospital Group and was recently accredited as the only private COVID-19 facility to test and treat patients in Nigeria.

Reddington ZaineLab

A statement by the management of Reddington said while the outcome of most of the tests are expected to be negative, in the event of a positive COVID-19 test, the facility will offer free doctors’ consultation, X-ray or CT Scan, home isolation treatment and 50% discount of hospital treatment at the Armoured Shield Medical Centre.

Dr. Olusola Oluwole, Medical Director of Armoured Shield Centre and Reddington ZaineLab explained

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