How Dr. Frank Roach Succeeded in the Field of Dentistry – Press Release

Dr. Frank Roach is a well-known dental practitioner in the Atlanta area. He has become a prominent figure in the local dental community. Combining caring and compassionate services along with the latest in dental techniques, Dr. Roach is able to help his patients achieve healthy, beautiful smiles.

September 11, 2020 – Frank Roach Dentist, a well-known practitioner in the Atlanta area, has become a prominent figure in the local dental community. Combining caring and compassionate service with the latest in dental techniques, Dr. Roach is able to help his patients achieve healthy, beautiful smiles.

Dr. Roach has a family dental practice with a concentration in cosmetic dentistry. He believes in educating his patients in the best methods of home oral care, understanding that many patients’ deficiencies in at-home care can lead to excess cavities, plaque buildup, and periodontal disease.

The state-of-the-art equipment and techniques that Dr. Roach has used to

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iotaMotion lands $1.65M NIH grant to develop robotic cochlear implant tech

IotaMotionRobotic surgical technology developer iotaMotion announced that it received a $1.65 million grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Iowa City, Iowa-based iotaMotion said in a news release that it is using the grant funds to continue developing its real-time tissue trauma sensing technology in the iotaSoft robotic surgical system designed for assistance in cochlear implantation surgery.

The iotaSoft system is a robot-assisted insertion device designed to allow surgeons to advance cochlear implant electrodes with more control and precision, which the company believes will allow for less surgical variability.

In addition to the NIH grant, iotaMotion said it received the inaugural Iowa Biosciences Medtech Award. The $20,000 prize recognizes significant progress and investor support over the last year and has been earmarked for supporting regulatory and pre-commercialization efforts.

“These NIH funds will be used to advance technology development to support real-time feedback and monitoring during cochlear implant electrode insertion,”

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Consuming More of One Particular Food Boosts Weight Loss and Energy Flow

she added.

‘Healthy diet patterns and exercises are the keys to achieve weight loss. It is found that, instead of eating a different variety of foods, sticking on to one, in particular, gives great results.’

New researches show that, eating more of certain foods helps in losing certain pounds quickly and increasing energy flow in the body.

High fiber diet has been proven to be the best to reduce stubborn fat and also heals many health issues. It not only helps you reduce weight but also boosts up your energy.

Fiber which is also known as roughage is a part of plant-based foods and cannot be broken down by the body. It keeps the digestive system clean and healthy, makes you feel fuller and flushes cholesterol and harmful carcinogens from the body.
A high fiber foods include brown rice, nuts, seeds, wheat bran, cereals, oats, spinach, broccoli, carrots, sprouts

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Peloton Founder Hits Billionaire Status on Exercise Frenzy

(Bloomberg) — Peloton Interactive Inc. founder John Foley is now a billionaire, thanks to a stunning rally in his home-fitness company’s shares since the pandemic began.


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After posting a video to Kickstarter in 2013, Foley, a cycling enthusiast, raised $307,000 to help get his fledgling in-home exercise startup off the ground.

The former e-commerce president at Barnes & Noble wanted to bring the indoor cycling classes like those he was taking at New York boutiques SoulCycle and Flywheel into people’s homes. He had high hopes for Peloton, comparing its approach of creating both hardware and software to Apple Inc. in the Kickstarter video.

But Foley couldn’t have predicted the pandemic seven years later that would shut down gyms and spur a home exercise boom not long after his company’s IPO. Since mid-March, Peloton shares have rallied about 350%, sending Foley’s net worth to $1.2 billion, according to the

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Hong Kong’s health care services are the envy of many across Asia

a group of people walking down the street in front of a crowd: Residents submit their deep-throat saliva samples for Covid-19 testing at Ping Shek Estate in Kwun Tong on July 7. Despite Hong Kong’s socioeconomic gaps, residents have access to top-notch health care. Photo: Winson Wong

Residents submit their deep-throat saliva samples for Covid-19 testing at Ping Shek Estate in Kwun Tong on July 7. Despite Hong Kong’s socioeconomic gaps, residents have access to top-notch health care. Photo: Winson Wong

Health care can be expensive, and governments have learned that prevention is the best way to avoid medical procedures and treatment. Unfortunately, in many parts of the world, even access to preventive medicine – including immunisation, a clean water supply and pre- and postnatal care for mothers – is not universally guaranteed. Hongkongers should be thankful they are entitled to these public health measures.

The Hong Kong government has ensured everyone has access to immunisation. Under the Hong Kong Childhood Immunisation Programme, almost all eligible young people are protected, free of charge, against a range of communicable diseases through a regime of shots and booster shots from birth through to sixth grade. Children from

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Burkina Faso: Over 535,000 children under five ‘acutely’ malnourished – Burkina Faso

New data from UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has revealed worsening nutritional situation for children in Burkina Faso, with more than 535,000 children under the age of five suffering from acute malnutrition – an unprecedented level.

Among them, some 156,500 children are “severely” malnourished, leaving them nine times more likely to die than well-nourished children, according to UNICEF.

“The aggravating factors causing the nutritional situation of children to deteriorate are primarily linked to the displacement of populations due to insecurity, reduced access to livelihoods and reduced access to health care and nutrition,” said James Mugaju, UNICEF Deputy Representative in Burkina Faso.

“The coronavirus pandemic has had a brutal impact on households and their ability to provide for the basic needs of their children. Children are paying the highest price, facing a triple crisis: security, health and food,” he added.

Burkina Faso, a landlocked country in west Africa, has over one million

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5 Intermountain Hospitals as LGBTQ+ health care equality leaders

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has recognized five Intermountain Healthcare hospitals as equity leaders for their caregiver’s dedication to LGBTQ+ inclusion.

The honor by The Human Rights Campaign highlights “Intermountain’s commitment to equity, inclusion, and a commitment to ensuring that everyone in the community feels welcome and safe when receiving care,” a press release stated.

The five Intermountain hospitals earning the recognition this year received the highest score of 100. They include:

  • Intermountain Medical Center in Murray
  • Alta View Hospital in Sandy
  • Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City
  • Riverton Hospital
  • LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City

 Kevan Mabbutt, executive sponsor of LGBTQ+ caregiver resource group at Intermountain, said in a prepared statement;

We are proud of Intermountain’s leadership teams, Office of Diversity, LGBTQ+ Caregiver Resource Group, and caregivers who have demonstrated our commitment to more just and equitable healthcare. This recognition does not signal a victory but is a

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Steve-O On Being Sober and His Healthy Lifestyle

Steve-O has come a long way since he made he burst onto the scene in the early 2000s. While he made a career for himself performing dangerous (and sometimes stupid) stunts on Jackass, the comedian is now making a consistent effort to maintain a healthy and sober lifestyle.

The former MTV star still gets quite a bit of pushback toward his daredevil ways (his brand-new comedy special, Gnarly, is now available to view on his website), and naturally he has something to say about it. Steve-O teamed up with Men’s Health for the latest installment of Vs. the Internet, where he revealed how he’s keeping up with new stunts (including one which involves anesthesia), his motivation for getting sober, and if there were any stunts he couldn’t necessarily go through with.

And in perfect Steve-O fashion, there’s a story about him being rejected from the

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100,000 square foot medical facility planned near Summerwood at Generation Park

Generation Park announced new additions and an upcoming food drive during Summer Creek BizCom, an even hosted by the Lake Houston Area Chamber of Commerce on Sept. 10.

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